Preserving the History of the American West

From the Studio of Nicholas Coleman April 2010

This last year has been interesting.  It has forced many artist to be very creative with their work.  I have found that working hard is the key.  I have attended and visited many shows from around the country and seen all kinds of work.  I am now even more determined to hopefully paint my best work.  Which means perhaps keeping my work around longer in the studio and not letting so many paintings go out the door.  I am working now on some figural work and it should be ready by mid summer and especially the fall when I will have a Showcase at the Trailside Gallery in Jackson.  I will have a small selection of smaller works and a handful of some larger work, 30×24 to 36×48.  I will try and be better about posting things on my blog but this in it of itself is almost a full time job to keep things updated.  I will have some catalogues as well. If you are interested in receiving them before the show, just email me at and I will get one to you when they become available.  Here is a little study of a Trapper that will be part of a larger painting — to be seen in the fall!

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